How to Elope Without Hurting Anyone’s Feelings

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Once my couples choose to go the elopement route, this is one of the first questions that they ask! 

Questions of how many and who immediately arise if you’re not aiming for a completely solo elopement.

Here are my best tips on how to narrow down your elopement guest list even if that number ends up being zero.

I get asked this question all the time.

How do you know who to invite to your elopement?

How to narrow down 
Your Elopement guest list

How to narrow down your elopement guest list

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It’s possible to find a blend between inviting your nearest and dearest and getting the privacy you desire. If you have a big family and some would be hurt if they weren’t invited, then it’s probably best to invite no one in order to avoid this drama. Otherwise, if it’s possible to invite only the people who are super close to you who you really want there, then do it! 

The goal is to not offend those you don’t invite and ensure that those you do are also not bitter that you’re eloping. I’ve witnessed parents that have attended but hated the fact that the couple was eloping and just added a bad attitude to the day. This is not fun!

You want your day to be drama-free and only have people there who are excited to celebrate with you. If it becomes too complicated and people start getting offended then consider eloping just the two of you or even just you and your dogs.

I’ve also had couples invite only their best friends so it was just the maid of honor and best man. This can be fun, casual, and super flexible. An added bonus is there’s no drama, which is a big portion of the reason why you are looking to elope in the first place! 

it's your day

Your drama-free day

Stick with a short list

Communicate Clearly With Everyone

No matter who you invite and the complications that may follow, you need to have a short and straightforward answer for why you two have chosen to elope. Share this explanation with friends and family and then leave it at that.

You can’t control how people will react, but you can beat them to the punch by providing a simple explanation for your choice to elope. Eloping is obviously the best choice. You just need to tell them that!

"Hey, why are you guys eloping?"

sample answers:

"we are so excited to celebrate our marriage in a way that is special, memorable, and exactly what we wanted!"

"We wanted to build memories and look back on our wedding day with no regrets!"

"we didn't have the time, resources, or mental energy to plan a big wedding. Eloping was our best bet to make our day one we will love!"

your best choice

take photos and video

Of course it’s important to capture your beautiful wedding day moments with photos, but I would also recommend hiring a videographer to document the day. Having your elopement both recorded and documented with a photographer and a videographer is crucial especially to show to everyone later!

Making use of both photos and video can also be a great way to include those who were unable to attend. 

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Since you won’t have very many people there, your documentation is important - and you want to make sure you choose a photographer and videographer who fits well with who you are as a couple and what your dreams are. Bonus points if they know the area well too!

You also want someone who isn’t going to control your day, but rather, help your plans and dreams for what you want this day to look like come to life. 

My goal as a photographer for most elopement days is to capture the couple as they are - 100% them, in their element, loving each other naturally. 

Strictly documenting the important moments as they happen, and also helping them plan out their day so it’s exactly what they want!


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Remember Whose Day It Is

I do not recommend burning bridges and I always endorse showing the utmost respect to your family and friends when it comes to planning your elopement. But, at the end of the day, you need to remember that this is no one else’s day but your own.

It’s OK to do exactly what the two of you want even if those close to you do not prefer it. It’s your elopement day. 

make it meaningful to you!

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