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And my fam!

My hubs, James, and I here have been together for almost 15 years (half of my life!!). We met in high school. I thought he was the cutest thing I’d ever seen (and so did half of the other girls at school). When I found out he lived on my street one day,  I just about had a panic attack, but something told me to go up to him and say hi. The rest was history (and I still can’t believe he chose ME!). We got married on November 12th, 2016, and it was the greatest day of our lives. I feel so lucky to be married to such an amazing man!

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WE live a simple life

Here's a peek inside

He’s a firefighter for Los Angeles County Fire Department (the best department ever!). On our days off we like to do things like camp, off-road for long periods of time, hike, and basically adventure doing anything outdoors. (We even like to camp with couples too if you’re down - just sayin.). We are also huge foodies - we love to find new places to eat including sushi, BBQ, burgers, taco trucks, and so much more. We also are kind of adrenaline junkies and like to ride in our RZR together off-roading and rock crawling, as well as snowboard during winter seasons. Nothing really scares us that much if an adventure is involved!

Meet our kids!

Having 2 under 2 has been interesting...

We had our first baby boy, Liam, in January of 2022. Six months later, I found I was pregnant AGAIN with our second little boy, Callum, who was born in April of 2023. Having 2 under 2 has been an interesting journey, but our family has never felt so real! We love our boys so much, and love being parents!

Our adventures

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How I found my passion! 

Get ready. This is the good stuff.

I never thought I was going to be a professional destination wedding photographer. But the Lord had a way of always bringing my passion of documenting into many aspects of my life since I was young. 

with my sisters (and, eventually, James when we were 15 LOL). We would do everything from funny videos, to more “documentaries” of family vacations. I was always the family historian - capturing the moments that mattered. And it’s so cool to look back and still have such great memories documented over the years!

It began when I was a kid. I grabbed a camera and always wanted to make home videos 

and entered my college career. I decided to upgrade my camera gear. I started taking more photos, investing my own money in newer lenses to get different looks, and at one point, began making “side hustle” money from shooting senior portraits and family photos. 

But once I graduated and did the marketing thing for about a year, I quickly realized this wasn’t my calling. In fact - having a boss at all was not my calling. I don’t work well under people because I was wired to do my own thing - and it’s something I’m SOO passionate about!

Eventually as I grew up

I actually went to school for marketing and wanted a 9-5 office job.

In February of 2017, I quit my full-time job and went part-time with wedding photography. A year later in February of 2018, I was able to go FULL-TIME with wedding photography - having 30 weddings in the books. In 2019, I did a total of 25 weddings, 5 elopements, and also introduced my photography workshop, Rooted. I also began offering mentorships to other photographers (and the fact that other photographers want to learn from me still blows my mind!).

For this year, I’ve booked 15 weddings, and plan to do the same number with adventurous intimate weddings. After being in this for almost 4 years, I’ve finally found where I’d like my business to continue to grow. And I’m VERY excited for it!

That’s when I realized I wanted to give photography a go.

And that’s where we are today. 

But Enough about me.
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