My advice? Planning your budget for photos can be scary - it’s a lot to fork over. BUT don’t forget - these photos that you’re investing in will last LONGER than anything else you pour your money into. And there is a reason behind every price I ask - as a business owner with expenses and based on demand, this is how my pricing is structured. So, make sure you’re making the absolute right choice for YOU, and don’t let numbers scare you away from that if that is the ONLY thing preventing you from getting the photographer you want (which I hope is ME!! But I’m getting ahead of myself.).

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So we’re breaking the big wedding tradition and doing our own thing? Whether that means traveling the world and adventuring together on an epic hike in the mountains or small bungalow on the beach to commit your lives to each other, I’m ready to capture it. If you want to do it, I’m here for it, and I want to tell your story of your adventure. This is for celebrations 15 people and under.

Starting at $7,500

Small WEddings

Having been a part of big weddings for over 4 years now, I’ve come to the realization that my true passion with this career is in the smaller weddings. Sometimes, the bigger stuff can feel bigger in every way, meaning it becomes more about the details and everything else than just about the actual commitment you are making to each other. This was driving my passion away, and that’s the LAST thing I want to happen with wedding photos. So, for this reason, I’ve decided to accept only smaller weddings of 50-70 people or less.

Starting at $7,000

Adventure sessions

Wanna take some photos of you and your boo anywhere, and I mean ANYWHERE in the world? Then this is for you. These are for those moments and memories that you just want to capture in your “right now” time of life. Moving to a new place? Let’s take some photos of the memories you made in the old one. Celebrating an anniversary and making a trip out of it? Let’s plan a fun adventure shoot to capture and celebrate your years together!

Starting at $2,100

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And working with people who are just as excited to work with me as I am with them. If you feel we are not the right fit together, no worries! I want you to find someone who is ready and willing to capture your day the exact way it’s meant to be captured - and I know I’m not for everyone. But I hope I’m fit for you! :)

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One of the reasons my prices are the way they are is because I help you plan your day -- from location scouting, permit applications, vendor referrals, timeline building, and officiant services (I'm ordained!), I handle it all!!

Seriously... I can handle it!

let me handle the stress of planning.