Not everyone has worked with a professional photographer, and if this is you, then that’s okay! I want you to know a little bit about what it’s going to be like when working with me - that’s what this page is all about. I want to give you the photos of your dreams, and that can only truly happen if we are both on the same page. If all this sounds good so far, then keep reading friend. 

Welcome to the experience. Are you ready?

Heres what's going
to happen:

Think of me more as your best friend, third wheeling with you on a date, capturing the in between moments and the TRULY candid moments that you dream about having to remember this season of life. I will not tell you to hold still and smile. I won’t tell you to smile at all actually. I  only want you to smile if you’re feeling it. If it’s truly the emotion you’re feeling in that moment. And fear not - I have some tricks up my sleeve to make sure you guys are well prepared and ready to love on each other when we take photos (coffee or some beers may or may not be involved ;))

Remove all

of what working with a professional photographer
looks like.

come chat with me

I’m not about the
‘fake’ candid.

The truly candid stuff I’m talking about are those moments when you forget I’m there. When you’re wrapped up in your own world together - the music getting louder, your worlds getting closer. When you look deep into each other’s eyes and start to dream about your future together. When you start holding each other because you realize that this is it - your human is finally here. The rest of your life is with you right now. 

let's capture memories & emotions

Let's Capture Memories & emotions.

tailored to who you are. together.

This all happens


of trust

and friendship

We can create the best magic if we trust each other, and more importantly, feel comfortable with each other.

Here are a few ways I help to make that happen:

This all happens because of trust and friendship

Every friendship starts with some sort of foundation. I’m a huge food person - I’m always looking for a good atmosphere and delicious grub! And before we go out and shoot, I wanna make sure we get to know each other. A great way to do that is breaking bread together (sounds so old-timey, but I honestly love that term!). Let’s go get a burger and some beer, or ramen and sake, or pastries and coffee. You name it, I’m game. I want to meet you both face to face (not just over a screen), and hang out like pals first!

Those epic moments you see on the edge of cliffs are the ones that bring out the most in us. Being that close to God in a place like Taft Point, Yosemite at sunset will honestly wreck me every time. That’s why I think adventuring to the most beautiful parts of the world brings out the best emotions in us. And that’s why I want you to trust me when I say: I am down for all of it. Any adventure you can cook up, I’m here for it. Even if it means camping in below freezing weather. :)

The images that bring you back to an emotion are the ones that will forever and ever remain important to you. You’re not thinking about it now - but photography shouldn’t just be something on a checklist that you need to accomplish. Photography is arguably THE most important thing to invest in on your wedding day. Because you’re putting me in charge of your memories. And my goal is for you to have images that will last for decades to come, so you can relive your day, emotions and all, over and over again.




No. 1

No. 2

No. 3

let's get the ball rolling

I kissed her

and forgot to breathe

it just didn't

seem important

at the time

One thing that I’ve began to love most about this career of mine is getting to capture intimacy in all forms - physically and emotionally. Vulnerability is something that will come naturally in this process with me. I want to capture your tears, your laughs, your wind-swept moments, your epic moments, your close moments. They are all there, and can come out in a shoot together if we let it happen.

After doing the big wedding thing for almost 4 years, I’ve truly found my passion in this career. It’s the intimate declarations of commitment that always resonate the most with me and my work. I’ve honed in what has made this job incredible for me personally, and it’s when I get to be intimate with the new friends I come to love in this experience that mean the most.

Intimacy means more than just kissing

I've fallen in love with intimate weddings

Break the tradition. You do you.

There are other ways to get married than in a big ballroom.

If you’re thinking the only way to get married is to have a big wedding and inviting all the people, then I’m here to tell you otherwise. If that’s not what you want, or what you think is right for you and your boo, then HEAR ME OUT: There are other ways to do it! Consider opting outside for something smaller. More intimate. Let’s get those emotions running with a beautiful view, and the people that mean most to you. Take back your day and do what means the most to you and your love story.

let me plan your elopement

Let me help plan your adventure.

currently offering

Take a Look, Here's what I am


So we’re breaking the big wedding tradition and doing our own thing? Whether that means traveling the world and adventuring together on an epic hike in the mountains or small bungalow on the beach to commit your lives to each other, I’m ready to capture it. If you want to do it, I’m here for it, and I want to tell your story of your adventure. This is for celebrations 15 people and under.

Starting at $7,500

Small WEddings

Having been a part of big weddings for over 4 years now, I’ve come to the realization that my true passion with this career is in the smaller weddings. Sometimes, the bigger stuff can feel bigger in every way, meaning it becomes more about the details and everything else than just about the actual commitment you are making to each other. This was driving my passion away, and that’s the LAST thing I want to happen with wedding photos. So, for this reason, I’ve decided to accept only smaller weddings of 50-70 people or less.

Starting at $7,500

Adventure sessions

Wanna take some photos of you and your boo anywhere, and I mean ANYWHERE in the world? Then this is for you. These are for those moments and memories that you just want to capture in your “right now” time of life. Moving to a new place? Let’s take some photos of the memories you made in the old one. Celebrating an anniversary and making a trip out of it? Let’s plan a fun adventure shoot to capture and celebrate your years together!

Starting at $2,100

I’d rather be in the mountains, desert, or forest getting married 

If you're thinking this, and you’ve got less than 50 of your closest friends and family, cheering you on as you get married in a place that stimulates the adventure in your souls,
then that’s what I’m here for. 


Don’t have a location yet? Don’t worry.

I’ll find the secret spots - off the beaten path amazing locations to get married. 

I have my tools and resources to find the PERFECT spot that makes sense for you guys to commit your lives to each other.

I’ll tailor your day to exactly what you want.

Upon booking, you’ll receive questionnaires and things to to help me truly understand who YOU guys are. 

Throughout the duration of our planning process, I’ll send you multiple resources to get to know you and help plan the special adventure of your DREAMS. 

let me plan your elopement

don’t just take
my word for it



Marlee A.

"We loved everything about Dani! Dani is beyond talented. Her attention to detail is amazing. Her use of lighting is timeless and her attitude is full of energy. Our friends and family keep speaking about how stunning the photos are from the big day. We loved Dani’s use of non posed photos. They came out more authetic and genuine and we couldn’t be more happier. Everything about these photos speaks fairytale dream come true. Thank you so much."

Rebekah H.

"Dani is such a people person, I had no hesitation in booking her because she has such a gracious presence about her on all platforms. She does such a good job at giving you direction but not making you feel forced or awkward about it. She's genuinely there to be a friend, she was so kind to both me and my husband and I may be a little bit biased but honestly I don't think I would ever book another photographer besides her if I needed photos taken."

Bryanna C.

"Dani was more than we expected! She was so happy and very calm on our wedding day. Her passion for photography did not go unnoticed! She even came to the rehearsal to scope it out and stayed longer than she was supposed to take pictures. She got me a few pictures by the next morning which made me even more excited to see all our photos. She was always on time and took all the photos that I wanted to be taken. I highly recommend Dani and will definitely use her in the future!"

Ok but let’s learn more about each other. Don’t worry, I’ll start.

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