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I'm an elopement photographer who's been shooting love stories since 2016. It's been a wild ride!

Yosemite is absolutely my favorite place to be. Having traveled to almost all 50 states, and to places like Iceland, France, Norway, Canada, and more for my photography - Yosemite still blows me away.

I'm based out of California and have grown to love what this state has to offer - including some of the most BEAUTIFUL national parks on the planet - the top being Yosemite.

I like to tell people that my love language is showing Yosemite for the first time - driving through tunnel view, and watching the reaction on people's faces as they see the valley, El Capitan, Half Dome, and Bridalveil Falls all at once. 

It's truly a magical place that will never get old for me - even after shooting there almost every month!

Hey, I'm dani!

let me plan your elopement!

The place people go for honeymoons and travel across the world to experience the culture and beautiful beaches is one of the most unique places to say your vows. 

Big weddings can be stressful - I get it. One of the reasons I switched from shooting big weddings to smaller elopements (specifically in Yosemite) was because of the intentionality. And the difference is astounding. Having the most important day of your life in an epic and beautiful place like Yosemite is truly something like a fairytale.

what place is more romantic than the tropical islands of hawaii?

you deserve to have an intentional, stress-free day.

I want to tell your story the way it should be told. One of my main values is to be FRIENDS first - before photographer, and before clients. I want to get to know you, hang out with you, and truly be your hype girl to celebrate with you on your special day.

flexible and intentional day - designed to tell your story.

Eloping in Hawaii is a literal romance movie.


elopements in


photos taken in hawaii

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I'll backpack 24 miles uphill with you if you're down.

We can camp overnight, or just drive up and park to frolick in some of Hawaii's gorgeous black sand beaches, lava rock, waterfalls, and more.

If you can dream it - I'm down for it.

let's adventure in Hawaii.

Let's adventure in hawaii.

let's do this!

"To Dani our traveling, hiking, wedding officiant, photographer videographer, adventurous, DJ, friend. Thank you for making our wedding day the most unforgettable day of our life. When we first thought about planning our wedding we did not have a clue about what we wanted to do. However I found myself going back to your page daily even hourly to look at some of the previous elopements you have captured. Finally we decided we would contact you and see what it was all about. After setting up a zoom meeting with you we instantly connected and even felt like we knew you forever. We love how you stayed in touch constantly up until the wedding giving us options of places we could choose and even taking suggestions on places we thought might work. (Side note we had a blast when we grabbed dinner the night before the wedding!) Anyways the wedding day went exactly as we had it pictured in our heads. My husband and I are extremely shy and introverted which is one of the reasons we didn’t have a big wedding in the first place. Trust me when I say we are not the type to take a lot of photos of ourselves! However when it came to the ceremony and photos you were able to coach us right out of that awkwardness. This is where we really believe your experience and professionalism shined and really it paid off! I couldn’t imagine spending this day any other way. Lastly despite it being the first time we had our photos taken with a REAL CAMERA we absolutely loved the final product. They turned out a 1000 times better than what I had pictured in my head. We HIGHLY recommend Dani for any of your elopement needs. Especially to those out there who are not comfortable in front of a camera!!"


Hawaii elopement planning

You're probably eloping because the big wedding sounds stressful, or too expensive, or honestly all of the above. That's why I want to make this experience for you as easy, intentional, and stress-free as possible.


I'm more than just your photographer... I'll be your planner too!

- Location Suggestions

- Vendor Recommendations

- lodging & activity suggestions

- Permit help

- timeline building

- wilderness guide

- officiant services

i'm ready to plan my adventure!

1. plan ahead to apply for your permit

Tips for eloping in Hawaii:

Hawaii is a popular destination - and is also becoming a popular elopement and wedding location. I recommend deciding when you'd like to elope with flexible dates, and then applying for a permit as soon as possible to ensure you get the location you want for your ceremony on the date you want.

2. sunrise beats the crowds

Hawaii is a known for it's crowds - rightfully so! It's a beautiful destination and people from all over the world come to visit. So my best advice for avoiding the crowds is to have a sunrise ceremony - that way you can have privacy and watch the sun rise together on your wedding day, and have the rest of the day to explore and celebrate!

3. spring, Fall and Winter are the best time

Summer is the busy season for Hawaii, and most things will be expensive and crowded. I recommend eloping sometime in the mid-later Spring, or early-mid Fall. The closer you get to November, the more likelihood for rain storms. Although winter isn't very crowded, it is rainy season!

4. Book your lodging asap

Lodging that's inexpensive and beautiful books quickly - this should be one of the first things you do when looking to elope in Hawaii. The popular hotels and airbnbs in popular towns tend to book quickly or become expensive the longer you wait.

5. work with an expert (wink wink) 

Someone who knows the islands really well can give you the in's and out's of the place, but also recommend beautiful locations that might not be as well known! I'm also specifically ordained in the State of Hawaii and can legally marry you!

a free guide to Hawaii:

Need more advice on how to elope in Hawaii? Check out my free guide below!

how to elope in Hawaii

let's make your hawaii elopement epic.

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Marlee A.

"We loved everything about Dani! Dani is beyond talented. Her attention to detail is amazing. Her use of lighting is timeless and her attitude is full of energy. Our friends and family keep speaking about how stunning the photos are from the big day. We loved Dani’s use of non posed photos. They came out more authetic and genuine and we couldn’t be more happier. Everything about these photos speaks fairytale dream come true. Thank you so much."

Rebekah H.

"Dani is such a people person, I had no hesitation in booking her because she has such a gracious presence about her on all platforms. She does such a good job at giving you direction but not making you feel forced or awkward about it. She's genuinely there to be a friend, she was so kind to both me and my husband and I may be a little bit biased but honestly I don't think I would ever book another photographer besides her if I needed photos taken."

Bryanna C.

"Dani was more than we expected! She was so happy and very calm on our wedding day. Her passion for photography did not go unnoticed! She even came to the rehearsal to scope it out and stayed longer than she was supposed to take pictures. She got me a few pictures by the next morning which made me even more excited to see all our photos. She was always on time and took all the photos that I wanted to be taken. I highly recommend Dani and will definitely use her in the future!"