They are the beauty and excitement of your day, wrapped up in the most beautiful and elegant pages, meant to last for the many years to come.

These albums are more than just a book.

There’s something incredible about having your photos off your computer, off your hard drive, and displayed in a beautiful little book or frame. 

Your photos displayed the way they should be.

Believe it or not, but when you have a book or a photo hanging on the wall, ready and available to look at in your house, you’ll actually reminisce through your photos more than you would if they were on a hidden hard drive in a drawer somewhere. Not only that, but you’ll be able to share your memories with your friends and family every time they come over and see your album sitting on the mantle. 

You’ll look at your photos more.

Look, marriage ain’t a walk in the park. There are times I can’t stand James. But. Looking at our wedding photos, and reminiscing through our album while I’m feeling down, brings the flood of memories and feelings back to me, and I can’t stay mad at him for much longer. :)

You’ll remember why you did it all.

How to Create Your Album

If you’ve already received your wedding gallery, let’s get started with your album! Watch the video above to learn how to make your own album, and let’s get started!

Ready To Get Started?

here's the breakdown

Step 01

Head to your Gallery

Step 02

Select your favorite photos

Step 03

Head to the “Shop” and click “Fine Art Albums”

Step 04

Build your Album!

start your album

Album Gift Registry

Have your friends and family pitch in and gift an album!

If you or someone you know would like to buy some credit to apply to an album later, let’s set it up here!

Set it up here


Why should I just order an album through Target, Costco, or Shutterfly?

Why should I just order an album through Target, Costco, or Shutterfly?

Honestly, from my personal opinion, I’ve noticed that when I order from these companies (or ones similar), the colors and quality of the photos are always off. And when ordering an album, that’s important. You want to make sure that your photos look the same way on paper as they do digitally as well. It tells the true story the way it’s meant to be told. :)

I’d recommend ordering your completed album once you’ve received your full gallery. However, with the gift registry option, you can have friends and family apply some credit to your album so you can start pre-ordering one beforehand! 

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