Romantic Wedding on a French Estate // Ariel + Cedric

I’ve never quite witnessed a wedding like this one before.

Ariel and Cedric had originally wanted to hold their ceremony and big wedding celebration in Malibu, California, which is what I was originally booked for this past July. But, living in Southern California, things can change VERY quickly when wildfires get involved.

I soon after received an email from Ariel sadly informing me that their venue where they had planned their wedding was a casualty in the fires that happened in Malibu last fall.

While they were definitely sad and mourning the loss of their former venue (and sad for the owners whom they’d befriended in the process and their loss), they brought up another idea for their wedding.

Cedric had grown up visiting a small town in France called Plonéour-Lanvern, and his family owned and estate out there called “La Tour”. They had the idea to move the wedding overseas and have a big celebration in a place that meant so much to Cedric.

Of course, after they told me that and said they wanted ME to go with them, I couldn’t have been more excited!! We planned everything from things to do while visiting France, to where exactly we should stay in airbnb’s and out to get there from Paris. It was so fun planning an international trip for such a fun wedding!

Upon arriving in Paris and driving 5 hours to the small town in Northern France, we met Ariel and Cedric at their estate. It was this BEAUTIFUL historic old property with old stone houses (some refurbished and some like ruins). They showed us around the estate and then all around the town before the rehearsal, and when meeting the locals, I swear it felt like something out of a Rom-Com movie. They danced for us at the rehearsal, made crepes for dinner, and gave us a wonderful night before the wedding getting to know the small town of Plonéour-Lanvern.

When it was finally time for the wedding day, I arrived at the bride’s airbnb while my assistant for the day and close friend, Lauren Han (@hilaurenhello on insta!) hung out with the guys at La Tour. I hung the dress on the chandelier where the lighting was perfect and it looked magical. I swear this was the coolest airbnb I had ever been to for getting ready photos!!

Ariel got in her dress and we did a big reveal for her and her bridesmaids outside in the French countryside. They were SO excited - having flown all the way out here from the states and getting to witness Ariel marry the love of her life - they were so ecstatic for her!

Then came the ceremony. Oh boy it was hard to keep back tears.

The space was under the archway of an old ruin house - but this wasn’t just any house. This was the house that Ariel and Cedric planned on refurbishing to make their own house for their family. Like - I couldn’t imagine a more beautiful way to start their journey together than to get married under the door way of the house where they were building their family. UGH TEARS!!!!

Ariel got emotional as Cedric read his poem that he had written for her in their relationship during their vows. She stood there, gazing at him lovingly and crying softly as he recited his love to her. I’m pretty sure there wasn’t a dry eye in the audience.

As they came back down the aisle and we went to take our romantics portraits, we headed for the beach. The rolling green grass on the cliffs of the shores of France was such a romantic setting for photos - I mean, scroll down and see for yourself!! Just pure MAGIC!!

The reception was also something special too. They incorporated a lot of French traditions for their celebration - like a special dessert with sparklers coming out of it and a champagne tower to start the night off! It was one of the most FUN receptions to be a part of!

I could go on about this wedding, truly. It’s one that I will never forget - the true witness of love and the symbolism behind where they decided to commit their lives to each other. It was unlike anything I had ever experienced, I can’t WAIT to watch them grow their little family! :)