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meet dani

Hi, I'm Dani! I'm a lover of grilled cheese sandwiches, coffee enthusiast, SoCal native, and a sincere Jesus freak. I've been married to my high school sweetheart, James, for almost a year now, and I'm absolutely IN LOVE with him and all things weddings. Like seriously, they pump me up. Expect me to be dancing all day at your wedding.

With me, you won't just get awesome photos. You'll get adventure, crazy fun times, and a new friend! Because I believe in chasing dreams, exploring until you get lost, and finding adventures in the little things, even new friendships. 

Learn more about my motto and how it all works!


Dani's Journal



01. Messy Moments

I strive to capture those messy moments. The moments that tangle your hair and get your clothes smelling like the outdoors! Those intimate moments where he tangles his hands in your hair or pulls you in softly for a kiss.

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02. Timeless Photos

If it's cheesy, I really don't like it. I strive for those genuine moments that only happen with the right direction. And that's my job! I want you to look back 10+ years from now and be reminded of your love and every little detail of your big day.

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03. Adventure

Just a forewarning: you will be running places, jumping until your legs hurt, and quite possibly spinning until your dizzy on the side of a cliff. We might even hike out to crazy beautiful places and take rad photos. You've been warned.

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So, You In?