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Anyone can take your photos. But not everyone can give you something that makes you feel all over again.

 Well, the same is what I do with photography.

and it brings you back to a memory or emotion,
 or a feeling you’ve felt?

You know when
 you hear an old song

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I can tell you right now: the fact that you’re here already means the world to me. And the fact that I get to travel the world capturing some of the most beautiful love stories in the world still truly blows my mind. The Lord has been so good to me giving me an extreme passion for documenting - and doing it in incredibly beautiful places!

SO, let’s get started!  First, we need to get to know each other a bit more to make sure this fit is the right one.

Don’t worry, I’ll start.
Keep scrolling. ;)  

Traveling Worldwide, but a Southern California native.

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The way he’s looking at you as he sees you for the first time. When he’s holding you and thinking how lucky he is to have you for the rest of his life. Remembering these little moments is what will last a lifetime. It’s about the both of you, together. And it will always be about that.

I want you to experience every moment all over again when you look at your gallery.

It’s not just about the details on the big day.


       I think it’s            beautiful
the    way      you             sparkle
        when you
               talk about
the     things

                    you love.”


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Chase Cameron

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