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Virtual Assistant Application


I need help. Like a lot!

I'm booking lots of weddings, engagements, and elopements, and don't have time to sit down and check my email all the time. I also can't be running on the backend without taking 2-3 hours of my day to do it, and I just simply don't have time to do it anymore!

SO, I'm looking for a virtual assistant! This is where YOU come in! :)


A boss lady who is a self-starter, good at content creation, email management, and good at getting *ish done!

Perfect for college students/ladies looking to earn a little extra money on a week to week basis, and learn a bit more about photography!


You will be assisting me with pretty much everything from social media to blog and content creation to photo editing.

Must be familiar with:

- My brand and who I am (This is a big one for me!)

- Squarespace

- Gmail

- Dubsado

- Adobe Lightroom

- Pic-Time

Must have experience:

- Writing emails

- Writing content for blogs/websites

- With Instagram and Facebook capabilities

- Working in Dubsado and Squarespace

- *marketing and photography experience a plus

Must be okay with:

- Working on an as need basis (with a min. of 5 hours per week)

- Chatting with me at least once a week

- Talking on the phone with clients if needed



Hours depend on an as need basis, 5 minimum per week.

So, You In?

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