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Kate Moses


THREE SHOOTS LATER and I cannot believe I haven't written a review for you yet. It might be because I rave about you to everyone who wants to listen to me talk about my wedding. I have had the pleasure of knowing Dani since we were small humans. I'm talking like first grade. So maybe my review is a little biased because I just love the girl and knowing her for so long went a long way in how comfortable I felt in front of the camera, but it's mind-blowing how talented she is and how tremendously she cares for each of her clients and the work she creates for them. We were so excited that we could have both her and her husband at our wedding, and having James (her hubs) there went a LONG way in making Tim (my hubs) feel that much more comfortable not only in front of the camera, but for the whole day. Dani's professionalism never wavered having James around though - if anything, she worked twice as hard to make sure she captured every special moment for us! It so helped us having James around making us laugh, driving us around, and making sure we stayed hydrated the whole day (we're talking mid-July in Southern California!). Dani thrives off of adventure - she does her homework and scouts ahead for places to shoot before the event, making everything more streamlined and smooth. Her editing skills are stunning and the moments she captures are unparalleled. When you hire her, you're putting your trust in HER and what she's capable of, and you really do gain a friend in the process. I couldn't recommend her more. I'll be searching for excuses to hire her again in the future! Thank you Dani (and James!) for everything you've done for us!!