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Rebekah Higashimura


Dani is such a people person, I had no hesitation in booking her because she has such a gracious presence about her on all platforms. She is so genuine and she's not afraid to be a little goofy, and honestly that's what makes her so comfortable to work with. She does such a good job at giving you direction but not making you feel forced or awkward about it. The best part about who she is and what her business is about is that she's genuinely there to be a friend, she was so kind to both me and my husband and I may be a little bit biased but honestly I don't think I would ever book another photographer besides her if I needed photos taken. She has such a unique creative eye and she is genuinely so excited about all things love! Thank you sweet Dani for not just our engagement photos but also our beautiful wedding photos, you were such a joy to work with!