Instagram - How to Make it Profitable for Photography

Ever tried to figure out how to turn that little app you have into something that creates money for you and your photography business? Well, I talk more about the best ways you can be using Instagram to make money - and make it a source of your revenue!

1. For Business

The goal to making more money on Instagram is getting more brides to see your work, and the brides that will most likely want to reach out to you and book you. So, how do you get your work in front of more people? Here are 3 ways I recommend to helping your Instagram game:

Grow Your Audience

What I mean by this is gaining more followers. While that may sound shallow, it's true that with the more followers and people you have seeing your work, the more engagement it could get, and the more reach it will have to more people. By using things like Feature Accounts (I talk more about this in my 5 Ways to Market Your Photography Business post!) and commenting on other people you follow, it will help you with your following.

When you have your work featured, that's automatically more people seeing your work which means = potential brides will also see it. When you comment on people you follow's work, they may see you and discover they like you too, and will start commenting on your stuff as well. Which is great!

Speak to Your Audience

By this I mean SHOW YOUR FACE. I know we like to be behind the camera, not in front of it, but the more we step in front of the camera, get personal, and share more about ourselves and our lives, the more people will start relating to us and wanting to follow us more. 

Brides aren't just investing in your photography - they're also investing in YOU. They need to trust you with this, and they want someone that makes them feel comfortable. So give them that comfortable vibe by sharing more about yourself, because the more they know you, the more you may have something in common, and the more they want to reach out and inquire. 

Engage With Your Audience

Comment, send messages, RESPOND. This is so important!

Even if you just have 500 followers, that's 500 people seeing YOUR work and already loving you - so harness that power and LOVE them too. Reply to their comments, respond to their Direct Messages, and show them that you care. The more you do that and the more responsive you are on this app, the more people will notice and genuinely care about you. That can only help your engagement in the future!

2. For Profit

Now that you have built a platform on Instagram and have people following you and loving you, encourage them to reach out. Show them posts where that potential bride can see themselves as your client, get them to reach out to you! Speak directly to those brides and encourage them further to reach out. 

When that bride eventually inquires, YAY! Don't lose them!

Make sure you're professional, personable in your emails, and following up with them. Attach call to actions at the bottom of the email, asking to set up a consultation call and what time they are available. Follow-up with them a couple days later if you don't hear from them already.

It's simple business strategies - but it doesn't just stop at Instagram! Make sure you do your part once you have that bride in your inbox!


I hope that helps and that you are able to book more brides and make more money through Instagram!

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