Sarah & Tyler // Del Mar, CA

Okay. I seriously had the greatest adventure with these two during their shoot! 

While rain was expected in the forecast, we didn't even see it coming. After hiking for about 2 miles on a trail where there was really no great coverage for things like a rainstorm, it began to sprinkle. Trying to remain calm and avoid the brown muddy puddles throughout the trail, we booked it for the tree grove in the distance knowing what was soon to come (because of course, when it rains in San Diego, you know it's coming down in buckets).

Once the torrential downpour started, we all gathered close together under the protection of one, fairly small umbrella, and though it was cold and I was trying to keep my cameras as dry as possible, it was a great way to get to know Sarah and Tyler a little more! I go to know more about their love story, how they met, and their plans for the future. It was such a great way to really meet two wonderful people!

But, thats not all. You'd think the rain might have been a crazy part to the story, but the most insane part was having to leap over GIANT streams and rivers that formed on the trail after the downpour. Imagine me with two heavy cameras strapped to me, in nice booties, jumping over these giant streams... all just to get back to our cars. What an adventure it was indeed!

Luckily, you'll be happy to know we all made it out okay. Even though our shoes got a little ruined, I think we can say it was totally worth it.