you'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll get messy, and you'll love.

and I'll capture it all.



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Besides all the goofy cheesy things I love (no pun intended), I'm also an adventurous soul - meaning that I flipping LOVE to travel and go on trips to crazy places. If you're like that and are down to camp, hike, and even do some twirls on the side of cliff (see picture below like WOW), then we're going to be a perfect fit. Packages for wedding + engagement starting at $4,100. 



Those messy, crazy, intimate, and playful moments.

I'm not one for the traditional posing. I want you and your love to be running in the sand, in the desert, or in the mountains, in a big flowy dress and suit, twirling around and picking each other up or simply dancing on the side of a cliff (like these two on the left!!). I want you and your love to be crazy intimate, and feel comfortable doing it! As he pulls you in for a gentle kiss, or tangles his hands in your hair, or kisses your neck 10 times all the way up to your lips, I want to capture that. That true love that you share, the emotion you feel when you're together. 



Photos that will last a forever.

When you look back at your photos 10, 20 years from now, what do you want to see? Do you want to see a super simple pose the photographer gave you to do so you could get nice pictures? OR, do you want that real love, the excitement that you shared before you got married, the joy and contentment you shared on your wedding day, the laughs, the tears, the sweat, ALL OF IT to look back on? I can tell you which one I prefer. I kid you not, having been married a year already, when I look back at my engagement photos, I'm reminded of the love that I share with my husband, James. And I cry almost every time! That's what I want for you. Timeless photos that will last for years and years, and have your great grandkids saying "OMG you went there and took photos? You two are the cutest and so in love!!!" while still being in love and married for 60+ years. :)



Taking a leap and adventuring to places you have only dreamed. 

Do you dream of dancing on the top of Hurricane Ridge, WA or running alongside the cliffs of the Grand Canyon? All I gotta say is, if you've dreamt it, let's make it happen. Travel and adventure doesn't scare me - heck, I ENCOURAGE it! This is your wedding. Your day. You only do this once. So let's make it count! I plan on having us hike out to private places, places where we can be intimate and capture your raw emotions. It's hard to do that in places with lots of people, so I always suggest an adventure! If you're ready to go and want to travel to crazy beautiful places, seriously, let's chat.



so, you in?