Iceland Engagement Adventure // Tiffany + Lu

This was the greatest adventure ever.

Running around in Iceland with Tiff and Lu was just insane - the landscape, the weather, the waterfalls, the icebergs, the glaciers - all of it! I was soooo incredibly in my element with them, just adventuring to new places, finding new locations that weren’t that popular to explore, and having a BLAST caravaning with them in our vans the entire way!

We met up in Reykjavik at 9am (after some troubles getting our vans - but that’s a story for a different time!). Then we were off on the road! We had planned to drive from Reykjavik, all the way to Joksularon - about an 8 hour drive straight. Butttt we were also stopping at all the amazing waterfalls and black sand beaches along the way.

It was a full day of traveling, adventuring, getting stuck in the rain, and soaking we from waterfalls. It was a good thing I brought my new waterproof jacket and waterproof boots - honestly they saved me and kept me so dry and warm!! HIGHLY recommend if you plan on traveling there in the Fall!!

ANYWAYS, please enjoy these photos from our adventures in Iceland! It is definitely one of my favorite sessions to date - who’s up for the challenge to go again?! ;)


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