Pismo Beach Sand Dunes Engagement // Jordan + Jace

OKAY so this shoot was seriously so much fun!!

Note: James and I had just started our road trip vacation up to Washington and stopped at Pismo as our first stop. We parked our truck and camped out in the sand with our rooftop tent, and slept there until the next morning.

We woke up a the crack of dawn to get out into the Pismo Beach dunes without any distractions (aka ATV's and Cars blasting through the sand), and so half asleep, we piled into my husbands off-roading XTerra and headed for the dunes.

It was a little chilly to be in a dress, so we started with some nice movement poses to get Jordan warm, and then we started running in the sand and we couldn't stop!!

COME TO FIND OUT - the shoot happened on June 21st, 2018 which is my husbands birthday, and also Jace's birthday (the groom), and we all just started laughing and celebrating. LIKE HOW COINCIDENTAL IS THAT?!?!

SO of course after the shoot and playing around in the waves at the end, we got dry clothes on and headed for the nearest coffee shop. We got yummy cinnamon rolls and hung out with them for a bit before heading to our next location on the road trip, Big Sur.

It was seriously a blast!! I love getting breakfast after sunrise shoots, or dinner after sunset shoots with my couples. It's such a great time to get to know each other and chat about how fun our shoot was!! :)

- Dani