Sunset Engagement at Taft Point in Yosemite // Marlee + Austin

I first met Marlee and Austin at our church in Laguna Hills, and when I met Marlee and she informed me she was engaged, I was ECSTATIC! I was so excited to have her reach out and take her engagement photos, and even more excited that they wanted to do it in Yosemite! AKA my dream location for all engagement session. Just saying. :)

We started in the valley at high noon so the sun was high and bright, and it was so fun running through the meadow with these two. After that, we headed to Yosemite falls and successfully climbed over rocks to get to the base... but left absolutely drenched. All nice done-up hair and outfits were officially ruined and soaking wet, and it was magnificent.

We finally headed up to Glacier Point and stopped along the way at some other meadows where we had more fun with piggy-back rides and frolicking. And lastly, we ended at my favorite place on the planet. Taft Point.

When we reached the top, we watched the sun set and the sky turn gold and it was beautiful. The perfect location for whimsical engagement photos! While it was a little scary to stand on the edge of a cliff, these two had so much fun and their laughs were contagious.

I had so much fun this day running around Yosemite! If you're thinking of having your photos done in Yosemite, please please PLEASE let me take your pictures!! :)