Joshua Tree Sunset Engagement // Brooke + Jackson

Mkay, so Joshua Tree is FANTASTIC and I freaking love this place and these two!! I will take every opportunity I can to get out here as much as possible, because there's just nothing like the desert light with some awesome love to make for a perfect photo shoot.

It also goes without saying that Brooke and Jackson are just the cutest ever and that it was so so easy to take photos of them for their engagement, and also, Brooke's hair is legit goals. Like, you have to scroll down and see what I'm talking about because seriously.... she's so beautiful.

Fun fact, I was so in love with their shoot that I couldn't stop snapping my shutter and I took over 3,000 raw photos!!! My usual amount for a 2 hour engagement shoot is about 900 raw photos, so that puts it in perspective. Talk about an all day shoot!

These are the things I live for. Getting to hang out with rad couples and shoot all day in AMAZING locations with amazing nature. Are YOU down to do that too? Because if so, you should totally reach out because I know we will be best friends. :)