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Maddy + Aaron // Escondido, CA

I went to PLNU with both Maddy and Aaron and had actually met both of them through different crazy adventures!

I was in the same chamber choir with Aaron, and we traveled to the UK together for our Europe tour in 2013. It was my first time abroad ever, and between eating fish and chips with the group (which were fantastic btw), to traveling to small towns in England and experiencing new foods, Aaron was really a great friend to have on that trip!

With Maddy, we met on a summer ministry trip over the summer of 2014 where we traveled to multiple high school summer retreats leading worship in the mountains and other various summer camps in California. Maddy was the only other girl on the team with me, and I will never forget my time with her! We became very close, and she confided in me her crush on Aaron from the beginning (which was actually the beginning of their love story! Eep!). 

I feel so incredibly honored to be a part of their love story by capturing their engagement together. What an exciting time!

Not only are these two great friends, but they are truly beautiful people inside and out, and I am so excited to watch them grow and thrive together in their new marriage this August! 

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