Engagement at Top of the World in Laguna Beach // Lauren + Ryan

These two! I had a blast exploring Laguna Beach with them, and I gotta say, as familiar as I am with LB, we did some things that I've never done before.

1. We rode the trolley. Like, how cool is that, and also, how have I never done that before?!

2. We went on a different trail on Top of the World (the hill top of one of the hills along the coast). and we witnessed and AMAZING sunset!

3. We got in the water, in September, and IT WASN'T COLD. Really though, when does that ever happen here in Cali?

Not only that, but it really wasn't hard to direct these two because they were so natural at it and so in love. Lauren's genuine joy is so evident in this shoot that it makes me happy every time I look through these! And Ryan, well he was just laughing with Lauren the entire time and that just made it so much more fun.

I can't wait for their wedding in December, I know that it's going to definitely be an emotional one for them, and for me!

- Dani