Enchanted Moody Elopement in the Redwoods // Tennessee + Collin

You guys.

The Redwoods are probably the most beautifully spectacular and wonderful trees in the WORLD. They are so grand, it literally takes almost 45 seconds to walk around the trunk of just ONE tree. Can you believe that?

So imagine eloping in a place like that. That’s what this elopement was.

It was amazing, private, beautiful, emotional, and spectacular.

We rented an Airbnb in the middle of the trees, and Tennessee and Collin both got ready together that morning. I think one of the most special moments was when they saw each other all dolled up for the first time. No cameras, no other distractions, they just admired one another and how cool today was going to be!

Getting married in the Redwoods is a bit difficult though - not a lot of vendors in the area, so transporting flowers and cake was a bit of a challenge.

SO, we dried out the flowers so they would last longer, and we made the cake ourselves. Just call us the cake whisperers!!

It was such an amazing day, and heading to the coast after the ceremony and dinner, it was such a great end to a fairytale day! The Northern California coast is just as magical as you’d imagine. I almost like it more than the Southern California beaches! Too much? :)

I hope you enjoy this little peak at the day as much as I did! I’m already trying to plan my next trip back - who wants to elope there next? :)



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