Banff National Park Couples Shoot at Moraine Lake // Sarah + Mark

OH my lanta what can I say about these two. And this place. And just the MAGIC of everything about this shoot!

My new favorite place in this world is this lake. Moraine Lake in Banff, Canada. I'm still, quite frankly, dreaming about it and it's teal lakes, dense forests, friendly black bears, and beautiful weather. 

Needless to say - May was the perfect time to head up there. Right as the snow has melted, and before the rain showers start in the summer time. And it was seriously MAGIC. I can't stop saying because it's true!

I first found Sarah on Instagram and followed her blogged. I saw she was located in Canmore, Alberta, and I thought "That's like 2 hours from Banff... worth a shot to see if she's interested in taking pictures there!". So, I did. I reached out through Instagram. And I'm so glad I did!

Sarah couldn't have been more thrilled! Her and her husband met us at 8pm at night - yeah, we started shooting at 8:00pm!!!!  A little strange for a southern californian like me who is used to the sun actually setting at 8pm, but it was sooo fun. We had more time for fun, more time for beautiful lighting, and it was gorgeous.

The lake was just melting and still had ice chunks scattered on the lake, but it created such a cool texture for the photos.

Take a look below and let me know what you think! Oh, and definitely get to Banff if you can one day. It's totally worth the trip.