Arches National Park Sunset Anniversary Session // Makayla + Dax

Makayla and Dax are such a lovely couple, and I had a BLAST exploring Utah with them!

Even though they had lived in Salt Lake City Utah for most of their lives, they had never been south enough to see the Canyon Lands and Delicate Arch that was shown on most license plates in Utah. When I had brought up the idea to venture down there and take some photos, they couldn't have been more excited!

We were pretty much in awe with the creation that was before us for most of the day, and we raced the sun (and our empty gas needle in the car) until it was dark and we were finished shooting. 

To say we got some pretty epic photos is an understatement. I seriously fell in love with this place and CANNOT wait to get back there to take some more photos and explore a bit more (because there is just so much to see!). 

If you and your love are even considering heading out here for some photos, PLEASE reach out to me! I would seriously look for any opportunity to get back out there!

- Dani