Colorado Couples Shoot in the Rockies // Ashleigh + Steven

Ashleigh has been a long time friend of mine with many adventures under our belt. We studied abroad together in London, England, we went to College together at Point Loma Nazarene University, and we also had other various adventures like driving from San Diego to Yosemite overnight to view the sunrise (which was like the COOLEST experience!). 

When she told me she had met someone out in Colorado, where she was going to school for nursing, I flipped. I was so excited for her!!

Not only that, but since I had to go out for a couple other shoots out there, I was so excited when she said I could stay with her and take her and Steven's photos!

We got up at around 4am to drive into the Rockies - and it truly wasn't disappointing. The sunrise was SPECTACULAR and it was awesome to take their photos as it rose into a golden hour.

I hope you enjoy these photos - and if you and your boo are ever interested in taking photos in the Rockies, I am TOTALLY down to head out that way and take your photos!

- Dani