How to Plan and Coordinate the Day Of Your Wedding

Planning your wedding can be stressful! Do you feel like your brain is in a thousand places at once and you can't seem to list out your wedding timeline, the things you'll need, or your team to help for the big day? That's what this guide is for!

As a previous wedding coordinator and having coordinated over 15 weddings for just one wedding season, I know what needs to be covered on the day of your wedding. This guide on "How to Plan & Coordinate Your Wedding" is the perfect checklist and template you need to help you plan out the day of your wedding.

Wedding Timeline Template

You'll find a template for your wedding timeline in this guide that walks you through all the major things that will happen on your big day, and what time you'd like to set for each of those events. That includes: what time the bride should start getting ready, what time to begin the ceremony, when your guests should arrive at the reception location, what time your bouquet/garter toss will take place, and much more. This template is great to help you put down on paper what time everything needs to happen, and the best part is, once you've written in the times, all you have to do is print extra copies for friends/family/team of coordinators so everyone is on the same page.

Checklist for Decor and Accessories

This checklist is essential to making sure you don't forget anything for the day-of. That includes: your marriage license, accessories for the bride and groom, any decor and the boxes labeled for each area (ceremony, cocktail hour, reception) so your team can easily coordinate where things should go, and more. This will help ensure you don't forget the important things for your big day, and will make it easy for you to keep track of everything so it's ready to go!

Checklist for Coordinating Team

This checklist will help you make sure everything gets designated to either a team of coordinators or a certain person/family member for the day of your wedding. That includes: someone in charge of setting up decorations for each area, someone to take care of vendors, someone to guard and keep track the gifts, and more. This will ensure that everything is covered for the day of your wedding, and that you can enjoy your day stress-free without having to set up your own wedding yourself!