Dreamy Stormy Wedding at the Darlington House in La Jolla // Megan + Hayden Wedding

Their day started off unexpectedly. Megan and Hayden were expecting sun and golden hour photos on the beaches of beautiful La Jolla, CA, but with the season California was having that winter, it was scheduled to be a stormy day. But even with the forecast, we were able to create some beautifully special photos!

We were racing to beat the rain during their first look at the tide pools down by La Jolla Shores, and it created these BEAUTIFUL stormy photos as Megan and Hayden saw each other for the first time.

Megan’s dad helped her down the long trail of stairs as she walked to Hayden, and despite the cold and the weather, all Megan and Hayden could do was look and love each other. And it was one of the most precious things!

Eventually though, the rain caught up to us and we had to move indoors for their bridal party photos. So we got a little creative in the Darlington House and had the men do some awesome portraits around the fireplace, while Megan and her gals hung out in the gorgeous bridal suite.

I kid you not. About an hour after that, it started HURRICANE-ING. I mean, legit DOWNPOUR of rain everywhere, the cocktail hour space flooded, and it was wild to watch from inside.

As the ceremony proceeded under the tents in the courtyard, we could hear the storm around us as Megan and Hayden recited their vows to each other. And I gotta say, although it was a little scary for us Californians to witness such a storm - it was actually pretty dang romantic!!!

Afterwards, we headed back to the bridal suite and got some dreammyyyy moody romantics photos. It was a time for them to be with each other - and I’m so glad we did that! They were able to breathe and take a second from their crazy day to be with each other, and hone in back on what was most important.

The Darlington House actually has this gorgeous bathroom with mirrors and windows, and we had a little too much fun taking photos in there. (Scroll below to see them - it was a lot of fun!!)

Then rain stopped, and we danced the night away with SOOO many yummy desserts!

The lesson I learned here - weather will never stop a party from happening. When love wants what it wants, we will always find a way to make it happen. :)