San Diego Bay View Wedding at Admiral Kidd // Celeste + Jordan

Celeste and Jordan's wedding was one I will never forget. While it was raining the entire day in the San Diego Bay, the emotions were SO real that it had my second shooter and I in tears pretty much all day.

From the first look to the first dance, there were tears. Always. 

When Jordan first saw his bride Celeste, standing before him with the San Diego Bay behind them, he lost it. Despite the fact he assured us beforehand that he would not have any tears for the first look, he was very wrong. In fact, at times he couldn't STOP the tears, they just kept coming! It then made her start to tear up and cry right alongside him... so you better believe we were all crying with them as well.

Their first look was such a romantic one and it was one of my favorite parts of their day. I had such a blast celebrating with them and getting on the dance floor in the middle of the dance circle at times (which, is like my favorite thing to do at weddings btw). 

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I do! Congrats again Celeste and Jordan! :)

- Dani